Fun Alternatives to Talking About American Politics

Studying abroad broadens your horizons, no doubt, but it can be quite daunting to think about how you’re representing your country and home institution. How you behave and comport yourself may influence how the people you come into contact with view America. This is especially relevant in the current American political climate, and you may face questions similar to: “So, what’s up with Trump?”

In my experience, this question is merely a precursor to a larger discussion of American politics. While some of these conversations have been intriguing and have shown me new perspectives, most have been frustrating, and made me want to swear off of talking politics for the rest of my life (but I’m an International Studies student, so that’s never going to happen).

In honor of those frustrating conversations, I have made an Australian themed list of activities that are more fun than discussing Hillary’s emails for the umpteenth time.

  1. Eating Vegemite straight out of the jar
  2. Waiting for a Victoria PT bus that’s running late in the middle of January
  3. Predicting Melbourne’s weather
  4. Finding a Huntsman spider in your room (has happened to two girls in the time I’ve been here)
  5. Waking up after a night of drinking only goon
  6. Driving for 10 hours and still being in the same state
  7. Taking at least 7 hour flights to get anywhere else in the world
  8. Having bird calls wake you up at 3 AM
  9. Seeing road signs demarcating a “kangaroo/wallaby area,” but seeing neither kangaroos nor wallabies
  10. Going to a club in the CBD, only to have them play very bad music