Hola España!

Visiting Spain, but don’t want to look like a tourist? Do the following, and you’ll fit right in!

  • Carry a fan with you everywhere in the summer.
  • Greet EVERYONE you come across
  • Eat late.
  • Stay out later.
  • Siesta from 2ish-5ish. Do not expect anything to be open.
  • Tomato and olive oil on everything.
  • Walk everywhere possible, or take public transport.
  • Do the cheek kissy thing.


  1. Victoria · June 16, 2015

    Hahaha this is so great! What is Siesta?? You will have to brief me on all these things before I take my semester in Spain! I’d love to know more about non-touristy ways to immerse myself in the community. I’ll definitely have to get together with you sometime!

    • admin · June 16, 2015

      Siesta is a mid-day nap that happens everyday in Spain! Pretty much everything shuts down during that time; it was a definite culture change. Living with a host family really lets you immerse and not be touristy because they’re usually so knowledgeable.

      If you ever want to chat about Spain, email me! I love talking about it!