Midsemester Break!

It’s crazy to think about how half a semester has almost gone by! I got here two weeks before classes started, and it still feels like units are weird intrusions into my schedule. I have to write out my schedule for the week every Sunday night to remind myself where I have to be at what time. I have to do something similar for my classes in the United States, but it’s definitely taking longer for me to adjust into the Australian schedule. I’ve had so many essays due, and the first few weeks certainly haven’t been easy.

That’s part of the reason why I’m looking forward to mid semester break so much! My friends back home have all had their Spring Breaks, and I’ll admit, seeing their vacation photos on social media has made me a little jealous. I’ve realized that part of study abroad is accepting that life back home will go on without you. That being said, I’ll be posting my mid semester break photos while people are beginning to cram for finals, so everything is a tradeoff, I suppose.

I’ve made plans to travel along the East Coast with some other exchange students, but I’m not sure which exact cities I’m visiting. It’s a bit unnerving, but I’m not in charge of the trip, so I’m more comfortable taking a backseat. We’ll be staying in hostels during our trip, and will be spending most of our days at beaches along the coast. I haven’t stayed in a hostel since my time in Europe a few years ago, so this may be a bit of an adjustment, but I’ll be staying in these hostels with my friends, so it won’t be as like I’m sharing a room with five other strangers again.

I’m looking forward to warmer weather, getting tan on the beach, taking time to relax, and getting to know the people I’m traveling with and the country I’m living in a little better. Cheers to an exciting and relaxing mid-semester!