OUIS pt 5

This semester, one of the main goals of OUIS was reaching out to other South Asian organizations on campus. There are many other organizations that seek to represent groups similar to ours, and we believe that joining together and making connections is one of the best ways to create a sense of community.

One example of this is Diwali Night. Traditionally held by another Indian student organization, Diwali Night this year was cohosted by OUIS. I believe that this act built bridges between the undergraduates and graduates of the Indian community at OU.

Beyond Diwali Night, OUIS has held three general body meetings, which are usually social activities centered around a theme, and sponsored an “India Week.” The novelty of being just a member and not on exec has worn off a little, and I really feel like this group has helped me reconnect with my heritage, as well as keep me informed in an international sphere.